• Last Big Thing now on DVD


    An independent feature I produced back in the day, starring the then unknown Mark Ruffalo. The film premiered at the Angelica theater in New York and won the Athens film festival.

  • Crenshaw Blvd Promo Trailer


    this is a trailer I directed to give a flavor of the LA lowrider car culture promote a feature film set in this dynamic and complex world.

  • popjewels.com

    my product shots are featured on the splash page for a new do it yourself jewelry site, popjewels.com. Come check it out!

  • Strikeforce Showtime

    Got to run around behind the scenes on Showtime's main event, tried to shoot fighter away from the spotlight.

  • MojoTV INHD

    Shot poster art work for a new HD series on Mojo called "Untold Stories"

  • Jewel Corner

    art directed and shot setting shots of the entire import product line for the company's annual print catalogue

  • PlastikWrap Clothing

    photographed new collection of PVC cyber and club wear, featuring models Zoetica and Alona

  • Tanzore Restaurant, Beverly Hills

    Food and interior photography for web and print for this exclusive Indian restaurant from the founders of Gaylord Restaurant, on La Cienega's Restaurant Row, Beverly Hills

  • mavTV

    color brochure photography for the 2007 network catalogue

  • whereLA guestbook

    a selection of recent images can now be seen in the recently published WhereLA guest book, found at the finer hotels around town.